Edmond, OK

Lawn Care in Edmond, OK

Green & Clean Lawn Care opened its doors for business in 1990. Locally owned and eager to give Edmond residents a lawn care experience that corporate franchises simply can’t offer, we are proud of our long-standing reputation and customer retention. 

Personal Attention a Cut Above the Rest

In addition to beautifying your lawn and making your outdoors a more pleasant place to live, it is our goal to continue serving the area with the following:

  • Complete Lawn Care Programs for greener, thicker grass.
  • Lawn technicians, licensed and certified by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture.
  • Honest and affordable pricing.
  • Indoor and outdoor pest control
  • The most advanced lawn care equipment, methods, and chemical treatments.

Lawn Fertilization in Edmond

Lawn fertilization is the nourishing half of Green & Clean’s 6-step Lawn Care Program, which includes weed control, insect control, and regular lawn treatments. Our perfect incorporation of lawn fertilization into your personalized lawn care program in Edmond guarantees:

  • A greener lawn.
  • Thick grass.
  • Consistent nourishment.
  • More resilience against weeds.

It is important to feed your lawn an optimal balance of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to make up for nature’s deficiencies, but it is also easy to make the mistake of applying too much fertilizer to your lawn. The lawn technicians at Green & Clean Lawn Care are experienced in administering lawn treatments for countless Edmond lawns. Rest assured, we have the expertise to determine the optimum lawn fertilization strategy for your grass.

Weed Control in Edmond

Understanding weeds and their growth cycles makes Green & Clean lawn technicians more successful at weed control than our corporate lawn care competitors. Each step of our Lawn Care Program includes weed control applications that prevent and eliminate crabgrass, dandelions, nutgrass, and other common weeds in the area.

How Green & Clean Lawn Care Keeps Your Yard Weed-free

  • Applies pre-emergent weed control as soon as grass starts its active growth cycle (end of winter).
  • Includes post-emergent lawn treatments to kill current weeds.
  • Covers your entire lawn with the most advanced weed control chemicals in the market.
  • Follows applications with lawn fertilization.

Insect Control in Edmond

Our Insect Control Program at Green & Clean Lawn Care not only reduces the number of pestering insects ruining your outdoor events and leisure; it also keeps ants, spiders, and beetles from getting inside your house and hunkering down for the winter. Serving as indoor and outdoor pest control is what makes our Insect Control Program essential in making your home a more pleasant place to live and play.

Our Insect Control Program Protects Your Indoors and Outdoors from:

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Roaches
  • Beetles
  • Crickets
  • Grubs
  • Bedbugs
  • Rodents

Like our weed control methods, our lawn technicians apply our premium insect control product on your lawn. The blanket spray repels pests from your property for a period of time until we apply the next lawn treatment. 

If unwanted insects have already made it into your home, contact us for indoor pest removal!